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RAINTREE is a subsidiary of the APP FOOD INDUSTRIES Group (APP). APP was established in Singapore in 1979 (known as Asean Pacific Packers), as purveyors of specialty teas and coffees & to-date continue to supply to worldwide airport retailers, duty free stores, cruise operators, mail order houses, hotels, specialty Shoppe's & other exclusive travel-related venues its established brand of high-end gourmet tea & coffee products.
The business is driven by experienced founder directors who have been in the food business for over 35 years.

We manufacture & produce:

  • Tea, coffee & confections in gift-packaged, in our own house-brand of RAINTREE
  • Special exclusive blends of classical teas, fruit teas including floral and herbal teas for hotels, resorts and selected food establishments;
  • Special blends of roasted, ground & flavoured coffees of various exotic blends & flavors in destination and unique styles of packaging
  • Tropical dried fruits in ready-to-eat flexi-packs for POS sales as well as in destination gift boxes some on exclusive basis or private labelled for reputable airport retailers.
  • Fruit-filled cookies, chocolate-cream cookies and flavoured shortbread cookies packed in many stylish packing and attractive boxes
  • Chocoloate-covered fruit dragees, using real chocolates enrobing real dried fruits; also packaged in exclusive and gift packaging & branded for our own house-brand or for various reputable establishments around the world.

Our registered trademarks:

These trademarks are registered in USA, Singapore, Malaysia & Japan


APP FOOD is a MIDA licensed corporation and is an active member of MATRADE.


raintree Halal  Our products are certified HALAL by JAKIM
raintree good design 
Tropical Teas is an Award Winning Product –  Winner of the GOOD DESIGN Award, G-Mark  conferred in April 2003 by the esteemed ASEAN JAPAN TRADE COUNCIL.

With outlets in:
Singapore * USA * Japan * Malaysia * Indonesia